garden clearance & weed control

overgrown, out of control, gardens & grounds devalue your property and can put off buyers or tenants.

Whether your outside space is heavily overgrown with brush and has become a dumping ground for other garden waste, or is just a little overdue for attention, Just a Mow gardening in Milford Haven can return it to its former glory in a surprisingly short time.  Working with homeowners, letting agents, landlords and commercial property managers, Just a Mow will remove waste materials and rubbish, cut grass and hedges, prune trees, repair or renew fences and clear overgrown pathways and drives ready to live in, sell or offer to the rental market.

weed eradication & control

hard surface weed killing

When applying any herbicide it is crucial that the target plant is at the correct growth stage when treated.  On paths, patios and driveways, Just a Mow will apply herbicide when weeds are actively growing green leaves, usually from April to mid-May for Spring treatment with a subsequent optional spray in late Summer if required.

weed control for lawns

Without chemical intervention, there are things justamow can do to help make your lawn a less welcome place for weeds to grow.  Aeration, watering and grass mowing to the correct height for the time of year are all important in discouraging the growth of weeds.

A long lasting and balanced slow release fertiliser, with an efficient broad spectrum, systemic herbicide that is not available to the general public,is safe and very effective in creating a greener healthier looking lawn within just a few days.  The most common weeds such as daisies, buttercups and dandelions are usually controlled with just a single application.

japanese knot weed

There is an urban myth about controlling this plant!

After many years experience in eradicating knot weed from gardens and sites in Pembrokeshire,  Just a Mow know that the plant can be relatively inexpensively controlled with the application of the correct herbicide, at the right time, using approved professional techniques.

Even so, due to the plant's aggressive nature it can sometimes take a number of years to eradicate completely. . .  so the sooner you identify Japanese Knotweed, the sooner Just a Mow can start on a long term treatment and removal plan that doesn't involve digging out and transported to specially licensed sites at huge expense!

Ask Just a Mow gardening in Milford Haven for their advice, based on best practice guidelines issued by the Environment Agency, about the control of other invasive weeds species such as Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.

Cheap garden clearance across Pembrokeshire

overgrown brush clearance

recover that valuable asset

Bring neglected outside areas back into service to improve the appeal and value of your property in Pembrokeshire.  Severely overgrown shrubs and trees can be cut back, felled or pruned into shape, hedges trimmed and patios, paths or driveways cleared and weeded.

Just a Mow hold a waste carrier certificate issued by the Environment Agency (a legal requisite for waste carrying and disposal), so they can also dismantle and clear sheds or other outbuildings. . .  removing builders rubble and other non-biological waste.

All green garden waste will be cleared, removed and re-cycled, whilst woody waste can be chipped on-site to produce mulch!

mulch & mulching

A mulch is a loose covering of material placed on the surface of cultivated soil, best applied in spring and autumn when the soil is moist and warm.  Mulching helps soil retain moisture in summer, prevents weeds from growing and protects the roots of plants in winter.  It can also give your garden a neat, tidy appearance and reduce the amount of time you need to spent on tasks such as watering and weeding.

Wood chippings are particularly useful as a mulch.  Being biodegradable, they break down gradually to release nutrients into the soil and help improve its structure.  Further layers can be added when the material has fully rotted down.

Pembrokeshire garden care - meadow sowing by Just a Mow

natural meadow sowing


Wildflower meadows are an increasingly popular alternative to lawns and borders, especially on previously overgrown areas that can be taken back to bare soil, providing a stunning display for many months, or years if you opt for a perennial meadow.

Sow in spring on ground that had been prepared late the previous autumn and your meadow will be fully established by summer!


By creating a meadow with native vegetation, you create a habitat that will attract a variety of Pembrokeshire wildlife species.  Many wild flowers provide nectar and larval food sources for butterflies, seeds for songbirds to eat and shelter for insects.

These insects, in turn, provide an irresistible food source for birds and small mammals.