tidy & prepare in autumn

early september until the beginning of december

Use the last month or so of the annual growing season to prepare your lawn, trees and hedges for the stresses of Winter.  Prune potentially dangerous deadwood and cut back hedges.  A final feed should ensure that your lawn stays healthy over the cold season will be is in the best possible condition, ready for the spring. . .  and a new year of trouble-free service.

essential late season tasks

lawns & grassed areas

Aeration during the wetter autumn months is important to improve surface drainage of turfed or grassed areas, removing the conditions that encourage moss to develop and return.  However, on a heavy soil and or in shaded areas, the development of moss will need to be constantly monitored and other treatments may have to be considered.

A gradual increase in cut height to match slower growth will also help to keep moss under control, as will the prompt removal of fallen leaves.

Just a Mow will probably schedule the last regular cut of the year for November or early December,  depending upon the seasonal weather.

hedge trimming

Whilst deciduous hedges can be maintenance pruned to control their shape throughout the year, primary consideration must be given to nesting wild birds and other native wildlife, so any severe cut-back must be delayed until at least October, when fledglings have left the nest.

tree surgery

As days begin to noticably shorten, now is a good time to spot dead wood in the crowns of broadleaf trees, just before the autumn fall.  A simple visual inspection by Just a Mow should reveal loose branches and identify those that can be safely removed, whilst avoiding disturbance to nesting birds.  Additionally, the sap will not bleed from the tree if surgery is done late in the year, ensuring normal recovery growth when the weather warms.