care throughout winter

december to february. . .  short days, long nights

It is the time of year when gardens, grounds and outside spaces look starkest and most bedraggled.  Debris builds up, waterlogged soils are common and future problems become much more obvious.  Winter storms and high winds that are common across Pembrokeshire can damage trees, leaving them potentially dangerous to people and property if not addressed promptly.

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maintenance doesn't stop!

lawns & grassed areas

Although these are the quietest months in terms of lawn maintenance, it is important to keep grassed areas clear of fallen leaves or debris. . .  whilst aerating to manage drainage and prevent standing water.

If moss or disease does become a problem, a six weekly application of sulphate of iron may be helpful in discouraging disease and will help prevent many other common winter lawn problems.

A winter feed, low in nitrogen but high in phosphate and potash, will strengthen both the grass leaf cell walls and roots. . .

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tree work

Whilst felling and dismantling by qualified tree surgeons can be carried out at anytime of year, due consideration must be given to nesting birds or the presence of other protected species, making these months ideal.  This is particularly so for dense species such as conifers, and older trees with nest holes.

Crown reduction, thinning and lifting, although often a high summer activity, can also be carried out in winter, before bud burst and flowering in spring. . .  when trees are in a semi-dormant growth stage.

In very wet weather, especially on clay soils, compaction may mean rescheduling until conditions improve. . .  and remember that the branches of beech trees can become brittle in very cold weather, so cannot be climbed!