seeing you through the summer

june, july & august in pembrokeshire. . .  grow, grow & just a mow!

Mowing the lawn is probably one of the most obvious, and important, maintenance tasks in summer.  Most plants are well established by now, responding to the increased light levels and warm evenings, so require much less effort.  To keep the lawn in good health, however, requires regular attention. . .  frequent grass cutting, weed control, feeding and watering.

Fortunately, Just a Mow is only a local call away!

high growth maintenance

lawns & grassed areas

Cutting height and frequency are the two most important factors throughout the summer months.  Mow lawns frequently, at least every two weeks (with a lowered cut height) throughout the summer here in Pembrokeshire, or weekly. . .  if your budget will allow.

In very dry and hot weather, your grass should still be cut at least every two weeks, despite its slower growth, to maintain your lawn's root health.  The application of a low-nitrogen summer feed containing balanced nutrients and at least one broad-leaf weed treatment is also recommended during the summer season.

hedge trimming

Maintenance-only hedge trimming and shaping is possible between April and August but, by law, must avoid damage and disturbance to nesting wild birds and other wildlife who call your hedges home!  Ask Just a Mow for more details of the legal restrictions as they apply to your hedge species.

tree surgery

Whilst emergency felling, dismantling and deadwooding is available all year round from Just a Mow,  summer crown works such as thinning,  raising and reduction can be safely carried out at the height of summer for deciduous species, well before leaf fall.